Universal - Will Fit Most Trucks

   Double Hump Rear Fenders

  • The fiberglass center section bolts the two single fenders together giving the custom look of full double hump fenders.
  • There is no other manufacturer on the market that offers this concept of the "Fiberglass Center Section".
  • These fenders are made of the same high quality resigns and gel coats as all our fiberglass products.
  • Single fenders $300.00 each plus shipping.
  • Fiberglass center section $100.00 each plus shipping.
  • No waiting, both center sections and fenders in stock.
  • Universal - will fit most Manufactures' Trucks.
  • The advantages of using the fiberglass center section are:
  • (1) There is no sump hole, to hold trash and road grime which makes cleaning easier.
    (2) If damaged each section can be purchased separately.
    (3) Each fender can be removed separately for tire removal and maintenance.